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Lauren Moreira

June 9th, Sunday, 18.30

More Clay Less Plastic

MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC has basically three targets: to invite people all over the world to rethink their everyday utensils, to substitute plastic with more sustainable and recyclable materials and to find a craftsman in their own territory. 


MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC was born in 2014 as an open group on Facebook with the intent of creating a network between ceramicists and the public.



The message we want to put through is very simple: more clay less plastic.



Plastic pollution has reached dramatic levels. Reducing the use of plastic is a fundamental and urgent step to save the environment and improve the life quality of every living creature.

Luckily, now a days there are many movements against plastic pollution all over the world but MORE CLAY LESS PLASTIC is still the only one proposing a traditional craft as part of the solution.

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