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Lou Smedts

June 9th 2019,

Sunday, 19.30

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Working with natural glazes


Natural glazes are organic with traceable origin one might say. Just as bio food. The purpose of the workshop is to give people who want to work with nature an introduction. Show possibilities and give  advice.


The purpose of the lecture is to help you find out if this way of working and living is the right path for you. It´s a humble life. I lived it for many years, with my pots as only income. 


Wood fire ceramists that work with natural glazes all know each other and every one of us can tell you it is not a way to become rich. On the contrary it’s a constant struggle to pay the bills and the food on the table. But on the other hand it’s a free and independent life, no one of us would change for anything else. 


Living this simple way of life in and around nature, depending on myself and my kiln, made me realize that getting upset about a problem is not the solution. With creativity, patience and an open mind, the problem will disappear and bring new knowledge instead.


I look forward to be your guide in this adventure and will be available for questions any time. After the lecture my book “Working with natural glazes” will be for sale.

Just as the lecture the book is a guide for starters and people who want to know more about working with nature.

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